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Website & Internet Services
Web Design
Websites built using Webflow, WordPress, and other website builders.
Web Applications
Applications developed using MERN stack technology to provide optimized applications.
Web Analytics
Analyzing web data to further understand and optimize exisiting web pages.
Overview of page layout & structure, functionality, flow, and more.
Web Development
Development of simple & dynamic websites, implementing various features and more.
Building online stores for websites to sell products and accept various forms of payments.
Web Audit
Full analysis of factors affecting a website's visibility in a search engine.
Website Care Support
Maintenance, reporting, and more to provide hassle-free support in maintaining your services.
Mobile & Software Services
Mobile Applications
Dynamic android and iOS applications, implementing mobile features and functionality.
Desktop Applications
Customized application solutions designed to function off Mac, Linux, and Windows.
Software designed to optimize and maximize efficiency within a company.
Application Support
Maintenance, reporting, and more to provide hassle-free support in maintaining your services.
Progressive Web Apps
Application software developed and delivered through the internet for businesses.
Applications designed to function both on android and iOS operating systems.
Automated QA
Automated testing on software with analytic data reports done through the web and mobile.
Wearables & Embedded Software
Cyber-physical devices carried on a person to assist with their daily life from augmented sensing.
Social Media Managment
Building a brand's identity and voice through the use of social media channels.
Content Creation
Creation of content for digital media meeting end-user specifications.
Content Writing
Writing for social media, blogs, websites & more to provide a clear view to audiences.
Photography & Videography
Photo and video content created for digital media to provide depth and perspective of a business.
Drone Videography
Licensed operators for filming content via drone delivery for those extreme angles.
Branding Style Guides
An instruction manual or "guideline" on how a brand should be effectively communicated.
Search Engine Optimization
Improving quality and quantity of website traffic to a website from various search engines.
Marketing Strategy
Process that allows a business to focus its limited resources on the greatest opportunities.
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
Designing of various solutions with focus on maximizing usability and user experience.
Logo Design
Logo designed to provide an identity to a business or individual.
Social Media Kits
Graphics and logos designed specifically to the dimensions of social media channels.
Icon Design
Customized icons designed to make your website or application stand out.
Additional Services
Consulting on technology solutions providing reports and guidance on suitable actions.
Reducing the process of human intervention by predetermined decisions & related actions.
Artificial Intelligence
Intelligence demonstrated by machines to maximize efficiency in a business.
Machine Learning
Improvements made automatically by the use of data and various experiences.
Augmented/Virtual Reality
Digital elements added to your surrounding to build a digital view around yourself.
Software as a service delivered through a subscription-based model.
Product Development
Bringing a new product to market and introducing products in newer markets.
Metaverse application development implementing 3D rendering.
Internet of Things (IoT)
Development of physical products with sensors, processing abilities, and more to connect over the internet.
Decentralized digital ledger applications implementing various features and infrastructure.
Cloud Infrastructure
On-demand availability of computer system resources without direct active management.
API Development
Application programming interfaces designed to enable data exchange.
Current projects

Research & Development

Autonomous AI Drones

Development of aerial drones used specifically in the agriculture industry. These drones are intended to be fully autonomous using geo mapping to set flight patterns. Artificial intelligence will detect and alert industry professionals of diseases, natural occurrences, insects, and more. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on these projects.

CRM Marketplace

A new and improved Customer Relationship Management (CRM) designed to be used for every industry. Filtering all the necessary tools specific to your industry at a subscription-based models. Designed for small businesses. Including features such as a CEO Tracker for business owners. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on these projects.

Rental Hub

A mobile and web application designed to be a marketplace hub for users to rent anything from kayaks, cars, firepits, and more for whatever the occasion may be. While allowing owners to set their own rates and availability for items on the marketplace. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on these projects.

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