Drones in the Agriculture Industry

February 21, 2019

Drones in the Agriculture Industry

How can drones change the agriculture industry?


Drones are being used around Europe and parts of the United States to help manage crops. So why don't we see it as much in Ontario? TriBit Software is taking the big leap and investing in the development of autonomous drones.

Drones have been having a huge impact on the agriculture industry in recent years. They've been helping industry professionals save millions across industry and saving crops as well.

With all the latest technologies existing today, drones have been useful in fighting diseases, field mappings, elevation analysis, and more. But where does that leave our company? While companies choose to focus on one application to apply to their models, our team is developing software and artificial intelligence to create an all-in-one solution for drones.

How does a Drone Help?

With the limitless number of applications, we are applying our drones to do the following:

Scouting & Monitoring Plant Health

Implementing solutions for drone imagery to monitor plant health.

While this has been rolled out for quite some time now, this still proves to be one of the most beneficial pieces to incorporate into our drone AI-base solution. Equipped with Normalize Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), uses detailed colour information to indicate various plant health. Allowing farmers to grow crops while monitoring the health of these growing crops.

Monitoring Field Conditions

Monitoring soil health and field conditions.

Drones provide accurate mappings of fields including information regarding elevation that allows growers to detect irregularities in the field. This information is useful in determining drainage patterns, as well as wet & dry spots allowing for more efficient watering techniques.

Disease Detection

Infrared monitoring used for detection of diseases.

Diseases in crops give off a different heat signature that is visible through infrared imagery. Capturing these images allows us to monitor the crop's health as well as, proactively taking the necessary steps in treatment of the diseases in the field.

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